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Anthem ARC vs Hsu recommendations…

Hey everyone, I’m running three CCB-8s up front (L/C/R) and two HB-1 MK2s as surrounds (along with a ULS 15-MK2 sub). And they sound truly wonderful! Now, I just bought an Anthem MRX 520 AVR with its proprietary ARC Genesis (Anthem Room Correction) software. Ran it, and it set my speaker crossovers as follows:

Sub LPF for LFE = 120 Hz
Front Crossover = 130 Hz
Center Crossover = 80 Hz
Surround Crossover = 80 Hz

Of course, Hsu says “Note: For optimum bass performance, use a system with bass management and crossover the CCB-8s (and HB-1 MK2s) at 80 Hz.

So, aside from the obvious answer of “listen both ways and decide” (big duh!), which settings are more likely the best? On one hand, Anthem’s software (which may well be imperfect) factors in my room’s acoustics. On the other, Hsu Research knows their products better than anyone. Which recommendation should get the nod?

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