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Originally Posted by aht3 View Post
If my mains are rated to 28Hz, should I keep my receiver at 80 or move it lower?
Yep give 60Hz a try. One way to judge a good spot for your crossover is to set the crossover one octave higher than the extension of the speakers. For 28Hz that would be 56Hz so 60Hz should be great. Setting the crossover at least one octave above the speakers extension leaves room for rolloff since we know crossovers slope and drop off gradually and not just all at once. My mains go down to 30Hz and I run a 60Hz crossover and the sub and mains blend better than at 80Hz in my system. Give it a try the main thing is not to set it too low, because that could damage your speakers during big action movies like WOTW, so I wouldn't go lower than 60Hz.

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