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Originally Posted by 95 Silver TA View Post
Where do you set your crossover at?

I just wanted to see if any of you guys experimented with the crossover setting on your "Reciever" for your sub and where do you leave it at....

I normally leave mine on 80hz but noticed on some movies it seems to give slightly more and better bass at 100hz...I guess I will use the 100hz for movies and 80hz for music but wanted to see what everyone else was setting theres on...

Also list what sub you have...I have a VTF3-MKII

My pre/pro is adjustable from 120hz - 40 hz in 20db increments...I like 60 hz x-ver setting. My mains are set to large as they go into the 20's themselves with the woofers being biamped, center set to small which gets crossed over at the 60hz, and surrounds set to large as they are 8in in ceiling rated to mid 40's hz. So only the center is being cut off at/about 60hz...the rest are producing full range as designed. The idea to set spkrs to small vs large is really about the burden on your amp's and/or how well the mains blend w/ the sub keeping in mind that subs work best down low. I cringe at the suggestion of setting all my speakers to small and send all predetermined freq's to sub by the x-over setting chosen. Why waste that upper bass, lower mid bass punch when it is the mains providing that punch. Bottom line is try what sounds best in your setup. My multi ch amp is only driving the mids- up. I think many people x-over the mains to sub too high and it sounds full but boomy rather than deep/tight/quick.
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