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I have a general question about sub placement. I get conflicting opinions on subplacement. I've read in this forum that placing the sub behind the listeners position may turn out to be the best place. When reviewing other subs, I read that the front of the room is optimal. I have a room that is 14.5' wide x 18.5' long x 7' high (with a drop ceiling). Due to a corner fireplace in one corner and a closet in another, I have limited space in the front half of the room. I could have a hole cut into the closet and have the sub fire towards the listener but would rather not. My only other options would be behind the couch (in the middle of the wall or near the corner) or behind a chair adjacent to the wall (but closer to the middle of the adjacent wall). If I have a hole cut, I need to do it now as I'm having the room built soon. Any opions would be greatly appreciated.

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