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I just received my VTF-2 MK 3 last night. And while I haven't done any calibrating or attempted to optimize the position yet, I am already incredibly pleased with the subwoofer.

As of right now, I have it where my old subwoofer was located, right beside my TV in the middle of the room. Yeah, I know, not usually the best place. Now, one of my problems is that I have a lot stuff in my living room: the couch, recliner, 4 pretty good sized DVD racks, coffee table, end table, piano and of course the 46" TV and TV stand. And all of this is packed in a room that I wouldn't describe as huge.

Anyway, with all of this stuff in my living room (and not a lot of wiggle room to reorganize everything), I was considering a particular front corner. I have some worries about that placement, though. The piano is on that side of the room, and the sub would have the recliner and end table between the couch, where I usually sit. Plus, the ceiling in that part of the room is lower (we added on to the living room). Once you get out of the add-on portion, the ceiling forms a ^. Would these things be problematic in placing the sub there?

I plan on taking some pictures and trying to make a diagram for further input, but if this corner isn't a great option, then my choices will already be greatly reduced.

Thanks for the help!
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