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I recently bought a Denon AVR-3805 receiver, a pair of Paradigm Studio 60 towers and a Studio CC-470 center channel. My next purchase is a subwoofer to pair with this system. Iíve heard good things about HSU and SVS but havenít heard either. Iíd also probably take a look at what Paradigm offers. Any recommendations based on personal experience with the above mentioned components?
I will second the post about the paradigm siesmic 12 but you are paying a premium for the technology (design and parts) of a sub that has a very small footprint. The siesmic 12 will reach to 17hz -3db. Now take a look at the paradigm pw-2200. Much bigger less technology, less power, and way less money. And oh ya, will reach to 18hz -3db. The pw-2200 will shake your fillings out. It is very musical and will pound very hard for ht. So if you have a budget and 1 siesmic 12 never mind 2 is out of your budget, rest assured 1 pw-2200 will be all you will need.
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