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Time to upgrade

My 30+ year old M&K V2B amp is failing... time for an upgrade.

- 12x10x8 open to kitchen along 12; 2x8 recess housing A/V; partially vaulted
- Emotiva XMC-1 (upgrading to XMC-2)
- Emotiva XPA-5
- M&K S1B x 4
- Jamo C10
- M&K V-2B
- 60/40 watching / listening

Space is tight but Iím moving shortly hoping for a larger space. Will go dual or more then.

Thoughts about ULS-15 mk2. Will they pair well with M&K S1-B? What can I expect over my old subwoofer with respect to music and HT? I do like it loud but precise and the S1-B could use some help in the mid-base area.

Appreciate the input.
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