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Which sub to augment my TN1220s

Got a question for the HSU experts...

I have a pair of TN1220HO subs, each with a HSU 500W amp driving them at the moment. I have ample output SPL and low distortion (under 3% everywhere except 17.3Hz, where it's up to 8.5% THD according to REW at -15dB, which is my max listening level).

I started going down the rabbit hole with a MiniDSP 2x4HD, Umik-1, REW, and the like, and want to get the flattest response possible. My current results after EQ are pretty good for the sweet spot, but not so much elsewhere, thus I need another sub to flatten things out some more with less EQ needed.

What is the best match for both output capability and Frequency Response to my TN1220HO subs in the current lineup? I'm not looking for more output, even though I know I'm quite likely to gain output and lower distortion by adding another sub, I'm looking for what's the closest match to the TN's in sound quality, tuning, and whatnot to smooth my response in-room.

Current subs are located equidistant from MLP in back corners of the room. The new sub I'm thinking of getting is probably going to be located close to the MLP to even out some room modes at 23, 46, and ~90Hz.
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