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Originally Posted by Kevin_Hsu View Post
Hi there,

We don't really have a sub that's very close to that in terms of performance. If you were to get another sub to run along, I would go with one that will either match or outperform it. In this case, the VTF-3 Mk5 HP would probably be the better bet.
So from a sound quality first standpoint, the VTF-3 is the best match to my TN1220HO's? Ok. So the inevitable follow-up question becomes, what would be the downside of going with a VTF-15 instead from a sound quality perspective, if any?

The price difference isn't enough to scare me, nor is the size & weight, because I've got 2 subs that a mere mortal can move without getting help. So, for the job at hand, which is flatter in-room response, the size & weight aren't big problems.
I know the VTF-15 will have higher SPL, which is low on my list of priorities, I know it'll play deeper, which is a bonus, but not critical, and I'd assume that when I gain match the subs, it'll play at lower distortion (as will the TNs). So, I'm just wondering if the VTF-15 wouldn't be the better buy unless you think there's a downside to the lower port tune and integrating it with the TNs?

You could make my life easier and re-introduce the TN1220HO mk2, just throw the VTF-2 driver in a 4' chunk of sonotube and you'd sell at least 1 pair today.
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