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Originally Posted by Kevin_Hsu View Post
Thank you so much for ordering our VTF-15H Mk2! Can you provide me with the room layout once you get the chance? I'd love to look over it and maybe provide some additional options for placement. So when you changed the speaker distance for both subs it made the response worse? That is interesting.
I must have been unclear. I meant that changing delays in my miniDSP on either sub made the summed response worse overall. I could impact some nulls positively, but it dropped overall response considerably. I adjusted up to 15ms on either sub, in 1ms increments, but results of any delays to either sub always resulted in worse overall combined response. As one would expect, changing delays to both subs simultaneously had no impact. I didn't do much playing with delaying both subs or playing the distance game in the receiver to impact the crossover integration with the mains. I elected to go for maximum peak summed outpupt, and then EQ the heck out of the peaks to flatten the response.

I've attached a truly fancy MSPaint-special room drawing that is most assuredly not to scale (there's a lot more room behind couch to back wall compared to what it looks like in my crude drawing, and the front of the room is much more closely packed than the drawing indicates). I've really got to get the room measurements. The big X in the bottom left is where I'm thinking of moving sub 2, and placing the new 15'er where sub 2 is located as a start. I can squeeze a TN in that corner behind the AV rack, but not the new VTF. Sub 1 is close to a door that already can rattle pretty bad when fully closed, so I leave it cracked. I was also thinking of maybe putting the TNs at the front 1/4 and 3/4 along front wall, but not sure if having subs that close will cause the gas fireplace to rattle. With subs in back of room, the fireplace doesn't rattle now... The wall with all the right side speakers is open for sub placement, left side speaker wall is spoken for for the most part at front of room, but back half left side walls are fair game. Sub 1 and Sub 2 have been tried every foot from back of couch along rear right/left of room to back corners of room. I've got my SBR/SBL speakers mounted to the wall, and they're actually at the right spot to try 1/4 & 3/4 rear wall placement for subs, but with short ceilings and tall TN subs, I can't have both at same location. I may be open to trying them at the 1/4 & 3/4 rear position and move SBR & SBL onto stands and moving those closer to listening position.

This is a basement room more or less dedicated for A/V shenanigans. Concrete block walls on 3 sides (framed 2x4/sheetrock over them, but all block), except for the back wall with 2x4/sheetrock into about a 10' unfinished utility room. Back wall (right side of drawing) is the 2x4/sheetrock combo; the entry to the A/Vroom is on bottom of drawing and is a landing at bottom of stairs, with utility room door opening not shown either but directly opposite of entry to the A/V room.
I'm running a 7.2.4 ATMOS setup in there, soon to be 7.3.4 in what I'm thinking is about 2200-2300 cubic feet.

Like I said, I need more exact measurements, but I do know I'm about 15' from the back wall at my main listening position, and about 7' from the TV, which is pulled out maybe 4 feet from front wall so as to better match the front speakers. I get supreme imaging out of the fronts pulled way out into the room, and the room does triple duty of music/movies/games, but priority #1 was finding where the Magnepans sounded best and putting the main listening position in that spot. So, what I'm saying is the MLP isn't going to be moving because the Maggies are truly incredible sounding in that spot.
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