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Been a month with 3 subs and now I'm waiting for sub #4 to show up...

I'll have to recuse myself from giving anyone subwoofer advice, because I think I have a bass problem...

Room is 12'x28'x7' according to my trusty tape measure, so about 2350 cubic feet.

I'm going to be quite honest...

Staying with just my original pair of TN subs would have been the smart thing to do and the best thing for my wallet. They already provided me with better bass than most people will or have ever heard; I'd gotten multiple comments from friends/family about never hearing anything like that before. The Organ Symphony excerpt from the test CD is a crowd pleaser, even for a crowd that likes death metal... Nobody expects what a pipe organ can do on a playback setup that can reproduce it... As to movies? Well, newsflash, subs that do great on pipe organs do great on mvoies.

But, I am part of the lunatic fringe, and when I saw how much worse it measured at seating locations I don't sit in, it bothered me. So, I added a 3rd sub, and got improved seat to seat consistency; I also got enough headroom to run a crazy hot house curve (+12dB, not +7dB as I indicated in a prior post) at my normal listening level maintaining very low distortion levels. Most of the comments from the few who've heard the current setup involve language not fit for a family forum, but the gist is that it's absurd, in a very good way.

I guess I'm adding the 4th because if a little overkill is good, a lot of overkill is more gooder. I expect I'll be running no more of a house curve than I currently do, because right now drums still sound correct. Recordings with "punchy" kick drums that kick you in the chest, do kick you in the chest; recordings that don't have it, don't.

Now for the long wait... Then the room re-arranging, then measurements, adding EQ, more measurements, and then the payoff. Listening.
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