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Originally Posted by mentatgom View Post
Just read this short article on Bass Management:
HSU Research pretty adamantly prescribes using 80Hz (THX) as the crossover freq. between their speakers and subwoofers. After reading the above article, I was wondering if the 80Hz crossover is prescribed because you (HSU) have purposefully designed your speakers to work properly (roll-off) with the general 2nd order slope built into receiver bass management crossovers?


FYI, I happen to use a HSU Enthusiast 2 system (VTF2mk3) with an Onkyo tx-sr805 crossovers set to 80Hz.
The main reasons for recommending 80 Hz crossover are:

1.80 Hz crossover is just about as high as one can crossover without making the sub too localizable. Since 80 Hz and below is non-localizable, the stereo image is also not affected if crossed over at 80 Hz or below. 80 Hz is thus the highest one can go without significantly affecting the stereo image.

2. It also gives the best headroom compromise. Most receivers have about 100W for the main channels. Crossing over lower would waste more of that power to reproduce bass, leaving less of the receiver's power for handling mids and highs. Crossing over higher would give even more headroom, but make the sub localizable.

3. Given the above, we decided to design our bookshelves to be crossed over at 80 Hz. Making the bookshelves go much lower and they will have to be less efficient. Making them more efficient will mean they cannot be crossed over at 80 Hz.
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