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VTF -2 MK3

I have had this sub for about 4 or 5 yearts. It has always served me well and sounded better than any sub that I had before. Recently, problems developed that were diagnosed as caused by the amplifier, which now needs to be fixed or replaced for 210 bucks. Four or five years for an amplifier doesn't seem very long. I have power amps that are 20 years old and still going strong. I have seen many of these BASH amps needing replacement. Is this normal for a plate amplifier? If so and it looks liike I will be replacing the amp every for or five years, should I go for the cheaper Dayton Amp rather than HSU current replacement power amp. That would cost me only 129. The downside is it only 250 watts verses the 300 watt BASH I now have.
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