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related question

I have a VTF-2 mk4, bought for a small to medium sized room in my old house, and I now live in a loft with a much larger living room. The kitchen and foyer area are in a continuous space with the living room, aside from the kitchen's normal height (non-loft) ceiling.

I haven't experimented at all with moving the subwoofer around, but there is a real lack of upper bass presence. I can hear the deep lows well enough for my liking, but I want to crank it up to hear the upper bass more, but that just increases the super deep bass as well, and probably annoys neighbors.

Part of this could well be attributable to a gap in this range of sound reproducible by my system, which also consists of a GoldenEar SuperCinema Array soundbar and the SuperSat 3 surrounds. I believe they roll off above 100hz, but I was hoping the sub could take care of that, no problem.

So I'm thinking maybe all I need is a second subwoofer, and I was looking at the ULS-15, a mis-match, the topic of this thread.

Question is, I assume the VTF-2 will shift it's role into something more like a "mid-bass module" (MBM-12 on steroids) relative to the ULS-15.

So perhaps a very relevant question to this thread is, what are the best locations, generally or specifically if you like, referred to in Hsu's MBM-12 description: "The best location for mid bass punch is usually not the best location for deep bass."
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