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Originally Posted by swiharta View Post
Thanks for the advice. It sounds like the MBM may be worth trying. Would it be simpler to get a second VTF-2? For the room size I feel that it could be limiting to continue throwing money at the VTF-2 line, although my primary interest is in music rather than movies and in improving my upper bass response more than deep visceral bass.

I'm also thinking about the setup difficulties you touched on. I don't know if my receiver (Marantz 6006) has the ability to do different low pass filters for the different subs or how I would go about tuning the system in general using an MBM. Maybe a job for a pro who knows what they are doing.
Adding a VTF-2 may be simpler than adding an MBM, but it may not give you what you are after. You don't need to configure separate low pass filters on your receiver to use an MBM. The MBM has a built-in high pass filter at 50 Hz. Your VTF-2 has its own crossover setting that you can adjust to 50 Hz. Connect each to your receiver using a Y-adapter and then set the crossover on your receiver as you would with just the sub. Depending on how much the localization bothers you, you may want to increase the speaker crossovers quite a bit to let the MBM handle more upper bass. Even if the soundbar is rated to 100 Hz, it may not be able to play very loud or cleanly down there. A lot of drums punch at 100 Hz or above.

Don't bother with 3 VTF-2s. You could consider a second VTF-2 and an MBM, but I don't know why you would since you seem satisfied with the deep bass. Even if you are looking for more deep bass, you may want to consider one of the more capable subs instead.
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