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Originally Posted by dmass View Post
I have been happy with my setup. Keep the crossover point low (below 50hz) and you will be happy.
thanks for the Answer I have set my XO at about 58HZ 60 HZ on my VTF 15-MK2 which is placed on the right side of the system I am using a Peachtree Nova 150 (also purchased recently )which has a home theater bypass connected to a Marantz SR 5005 AVR. I use the MMG in a two channel configuration and my Kef LS 50 as fronts in HT configuration I use Low pass with BJC cables/ (kimber 4VS for KEf LS50 & monster Z series for the MMG) the settings that seem to work for me are 60 HZ both port open Q.3 since the MMG panels are fast I was concerned the sub would not keep up with it so I would need to close the ports but the above configuration seems to integrate the sub for a pleasant listening I may go for the upgrade to the Maggie 1.7i( my room size is 16 x24 listening area which opens to dining room and kitchen so the total size of the room is 16 X 39 feet. But I wonder if that would be worth it to pay an extra $ 1400 for the 1.7i ?
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