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Yes, the 500w external amp, high end electronic crossover, and bass optimizer will all work great with the upcoming TN1220HO. No plans to use a new amplifier. The driver will be similar to what is being used on the VTF-3 MK3. The enclosure will still be about 51" tall including feet, 12" in diameter, with a long 4" down-firing port, an upward-firing 12" driver, and a thin black cloth wrapped around the cylindrical enclosure. Essentially very similar to the old TN1220HO, albeit with our latest 12" driver and latest 4" port tube/flare. We also hope to offer some type of outrigger type feet to help make the enclosure more stable (although customers can still use the old style tall and thin spiked feet if they wish). The 500w external amp works great with this TN and can drive up to two TN series subwoofers in parallel. I suspect that the price of the 500w external amp will remain the same, but we will have nice package pricing when bundled with one or two TN1220HO enclosures.

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