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I have two TN-1220's that have been used daily for more than a decade, and I'll tell you passive subs are alive and well! I will, ever buy another powered sub for my main system if I can possibly help it. To this day I've still never heard bass as good as I'm getting with my pair of TNs, hi powered stereo amp and parametric EQ.

Now I don't want to crush anyone's hopes but these guys have been claiming the passive sonotube was coming back soon every since they were first discontinued. I haven't been to the forum for quite awhile but I check in periodically to see if there's any news. At least once per year everyone gets worked up about the new tubes being "just around the corner" or "later this year." Well, check my profile and how long I've been here- it never happens.

Oh, well. At least I have mine. That's the beauty of the passive sub, you'll probably bury me with them! No caps, no electronics, nothing to fail. If someday a woofer buys the farm I'll simply buy a new driver from HSU. If by some chance they will no longer sell me one, I'll find the closest thing T/S-wise that will fit. Lemme see your powered ones do that.
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