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Originally Posted by nanda View Post
I have decided to buy either the VTF-3 Mk5 HP or VTF-15H Mk2 (they exceed my budget a bit though). I relocate almost every year or other and can't decide based on my current residence (25' X 30', wooden floor with three open door ways). Has anyone listened to both these subs? Are the differences (18Hz vs 16Hz, ~1dB difference over freq range) between them very observable to the listener (90% time I will use it to listen to music and I prefer deep, clean bass than just loud bass - so most probably I will close both the ports)?
Any comments/help appreciated.

Thank you.
If you are interested in the best extension and anticipate running it in 1-port/EQ1 mode frequently, then I recommend the 15Hmk2. You will hear less port noise for the same output level as with the VTF3mk5HP. Otherwise, the VTF3mk5 is probably the better value.
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