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Question VTF2 MK3 wiht DBX DriveRack PA+

Hello everybody!
I've just bought VTF2 MK3 from HSU Research and expect the delivery at 12/14/09. at the same day a expect delivery of set.
So I start everything from scratch.
My room is 25*15*8 with TV Samsung 40" in the middle of long wall. My CD player stays nearby TV set.
I don't have any receiver yet and have no idea wich one to buy. I plan to spend 80% time for music and 20% for movies.
I have 3 Panasonic RAMSA amps and DBX DriveRack PA+
Now the question:
May I hook up all this pieces together and use DBX DriveRack PA+ like Xover and for pinkization(calibration using pink noise generator of DBX DriveRack PA+) of my room?
Thank everybody in advance!
And one more question: Which receiver 5.1 with possibility of bi-amping of front speakers should I buy for best sound quality? My budget for it is up to 800$

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