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Hello everybody!
First of all great thanks to Dr. Hsu for great job. I recieved my new and my favorite toy just in time. And it really greate!!!!
There is my preliminary setup:
Name:  PC110529.jpg
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Panasonic RAMSA:
Name:  PC110530.jpg
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DBX and old Yamaha:
Name:  PC110531.jpg
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Measuring mic DBX:
Name:  PC110532.jpg
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CD and old cheap sounding fronts:
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So far, so good. I provided auto leveling and auto EQ of this setup using DBX DriveRack PA+ and DBX measuring mic and my first impression - it could not be better way to invest the money I spent for the sub. It's a long way in front of me in fine tuning of the system but I'll do it step by step without rush and making notes after each step.

Now just one thing make LOL: your packaging department made not that smart decision puting power cord inside the sub. Four legs were packed in small plastic bag, which was packed inside second plastic bag. This bag were tired from one end with thread to high level post and has been located inside one of ports and then this port had been pluged whith black plug :
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But from other side it was cut with smth sharp:
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and that's why inside bag with legs and bag with power cord were bouncing freely all the way from your facility in CA to my home in NJ.

It could be problem for me to take everything out of the sub. I had to place sub back side up? and the tilt it so that bags aligned the centerline of the port and I'm lucky that hands of my wife are thin and long enough to fish out those two bags through one of ports. I'm ten times more lucky that ports are strait but not bended 90 degrees

Now I hope that those to bags have not damage the speaker from inside. One of them(with legs) had sharp corners and another (with power cord) was pretty heavy.
And overall, transporting stuff inside inside subs is too funny to be acceptable.
I think that my next sub from you would be sealed
And now I understand why my subs I use to use in my professional applications have grills covering port

But anyways THANKS a LOT And I hope in our further cooperation. I will continue posting resulted of fine tuning. Your product sounds great.

my order of 2+1+2 speakers I mentioned in my previous post is backordered by 11 weeks so I start to think seriously about 'Enthusiast 1' without Sub cause I already have one and this one is great!

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