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Originally Posted by acepaul View Post
I just ordered the VTF-15H MK2. My Receiver is an older (1st gen HDMI switching) but high end Denon and the subwoofer output is mono RCA. The sub will need about 25'-30' of cable to achieve correct placement. Should I convert the RCA to XLR or is RCA fine for hookup? Any advantages/disadvantages to either way?

Also, I currently have a Velodyne CHT-12 (170 watts RMS, 12" driver) that I have been using with my system. Any advantage to running this dual with the VTF-15H MK2 or will it make no difference and possibly even detract from the sound quality? I am running Energy full size towers that produce some decent bass by themselves and large Energy bookshelf speakers for surrounds. Any advice would be great.
I don't think you'll need more output than what the Mk2 is capable of. It is a very powerful performer. I had the CHT-12 before, when I ordered my Vtf3 Mk3. The VTf3 Mk3 is so much more powerful than the CHT, it is funny.

The VTf15h Mk1 was a lot more powerful than the 3 mk3, and the Vtf15h Mk2 is ridiculously more powerful than the mk1.
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