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Thanks for all the input. My theater is a 16x20x9 room on a loft area that dumps out into a 20x20x16 great-room that is open to the kitchen that goes into a hallway, etc, etc - so I lose a lot of sound! That is why I am trying to keep as much power in the system as possible. I am tempted to use the Velodyne as mid-low bass (40-80hz) by hooking it to the pre-outs for the center or left and right speakers. I think that the crossover is applied before the pre-outs, but I would have to check on that.

I also received advice from HSU tech support to set my crossover on my speakers to 80hz to "free up headroom for mids and highs. I agree that for my surround speakers this is a good place, but my towers are Energy Connoisseur C-9 's with 120 clean watts being pumped into them from my Denon AVR 3806. The speakers have a fairly flat response down close to 30hz so I was thinking crossover at 40 or 60 at the highest.
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