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Originally Posted by subpressure View Post
I purchased a VTF2 MK4, and have been playing around with placement.

I ran audessey with one port open, Q = 0.7, EQ = 1. Afterwards, I closed the port, set Q = 0.3 and EQ = 1. After audessey, the volume (on the knob to get 75dB through Audessey) is set somewhere between the min and 9 o'clock position)

I have an open room, and placed the sub next to the couch (as was recommended in the instructions). Location X. I watched TV, at a fairly low volume for about an hour, and I could feel pressure in my left ear. The subwoofer is literally about 6" from the couch and about 1' from the listening position. (the speakers are on the walls and next to the TV, not in the diagram)

I moved the sub around, found a different location (but it's not great aesthetically, location Y). I tried position Y, but it protruded into the nearby room (I had to increase the volume by hand, I didn't re-run audessey) but I couldn't tell if there was pressure or not... (I didn't test it there long enough)

The listening area/TV area in the living room is 11ft by 15ft. The overall living room is 11ft by 23ft. (the drawing is not to scale)

It's not the loudness of the sub that's bothering me, it's the pressure my ears feel sitting next to it.

Any advice? Is it my settings on the subwoofer? Or is it placement?
We suggests taking both port plugs out, EQ2 and Q=0.3 after Audyssey tuning, not put back the port plug. If the sub next to you bothers you, try placing it on the other end of the sofa.

How deep (front to back) is the room at the 'dining area' section? Can you sketch the whole area including the dining area and the area to the right side that the Sub Y position protrude into?

This 'pressure' you experience - does it happen only on program with very low bass? Usually very low bass (30 Hz or below) gives a sensation of 'pressure' on your ears.

Remember to re-run Audyssey with the sub in the new location. Also remember to set the sub to one port open, EQ1, Q=0.7 before re-running Audyssey, and set it back to two ports open, EQ2, Q=0.3 after that.

What is the sub out level on the receiver after Audyssey tuning? If it's too low (e.g. - 13 dB), then you want to lower the volume on the subwoofer and re-run Audyssey so the sub out on the receiver is around 0 dB, +/- 5 dB.
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