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Originally Posted by subpressure View Post
Done, thank you.

I can try over the weekend (I need to move the whole sofa to put it on the other side, there's other furniture there now).

I attached the floor plan. X is where I feel pressure, Y is where it's not aesthetically pleasing (but may work) and Z is where I believe your recommendation is.

I'm not sure... I was just watching regular primetime TV.

Yesterday it was at -3dB, today I re-tuned Audyssey (since I bumped the volume control while moving it from Y back to X) with your recommendations and it's at +5dB.

With the floor plan attached, is Z still the best position? Ideally I would like it at X, but even with both ports open and set to EQ2, I feel pressure again today (also regular TV at low volumes).
I don't understand this pressure phenomenon, especially if you are listening at a low level to regular TV program. Ordinarily I would say position X would be great... Try position Z and see how that goes. That should be great as well.
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