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Originally Posted by subpressure View Post
Position Z is nearly perfect. I feel it a little bit in my other ear now, I may move it another foot or two and it should be fine.

I did have another question: should I set the crossover in the sub or in my receiver? The receiver sets it to 120Hz after Audessey.

I tried changing it to 80Hz in the receiver, and when I flip the switch from Out to In (on the sub) and set it to 80Hz, there is a big sound difference.

What's the correct crossover and where should I set it?

Thank you Dr. Hsu for your help and time.

I think it may just be me... my wife sat next to the sub, and she said it's perfectly fine for her (where I'm sitting about 5-6 feet away from the sub now, and I still feel a little bit of pressure in my other ear now...)
I would set the crossover on the receiver, and leave the crossover on the sub in 'out'. I would manually set it to 80 Hz. Engaging both doubles the crossover slope and also effectively lowers the crossover point for the sub.

You are most welcome!
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