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haha that makes two of us!

Originally Posted by mystik610 View Post
Thanks Dr. Hsu. The adjacent room is a game-room that's 16x18.

I'm debating adding a second VT3 or an MBM-12. Which do you think would be a better fit? Probably going to add Paradigm studio 20 bookshelves for the fronts soon.
Hey man we were both in the same boat...i ended up just adding a second VTF3.3 to my setup and after first evaluation i don't notice much improvement...i placed the 2nd sub on the other end of my couch so now there's subs on both sides and this placement is not worth it right now- gotta find out the best spot.

the 1st sub in the optimal place in the corner is putting out sooo much more bass than the 2nd sub where it's located to my left

Originally Posted by Dr_Hsu View Post
If you want increase in both, get a second VTF-3. How critical is having even bass distribution in your room? Usually different family member like bass to different degrees. In fact, quite often the spouse do not want so much bass! Then optimize the bass for your seat, and put the spouse in the seat with less bass...

Do the sub crawl, find the best spots to place the subs. If necessary, place both subs in the best location. I would go for the position that gives the highest output especially in the low bass. Then use a equalizer to flatten the bass. That way, you have the lowest distortion and highest headroom.
dr. hsu, even bass distribution and the elimination of localization are what i was going for along with overall additional bass output when i bought the second sub but, i really didn't want to stack my subs b/c i wanted to eliminate the localization issue but like i told mystik in my post above i'm not getting much with the 2nd sub placed opposite the first one (sub 1 on my right in the corner (best sound/placement) and sub 2 on my left next to the couch w/ no corner)

I've emailed poh and he asked for a room drawing/diagram. i'm going to get on that ASAP. my room is big and VERY non bass friendly - I was very distressed when after i got the first sub i wasn't blown away w/ the earth shattering bass that i've heard others speak of getting - I know my room is a bass eating monster. so, i had to go and grab a second vtf3.3 to try and grant me some additional output. now i just have to figure out what will get me the most output.
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