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Originally Posted by Dr_Hsu View Post
Unfortunately, you cannot have your cake and eat it too - you either get more even bass distribution, or higher bass output when you add subwoofers. You cannot get both at the same time (unless you are truly lucky with your room layout).

When you use multiple subs to even the bass out, what you are doing is to have the subs acoustically cancel the peaks, and hopefully reinforce the dips. When you acoustically cancel the peaks, you are having the subs fight each other - feeding more power into the subs to REDUCE output! Definitely not an efficient thing to do, and not a cost effective thing to do. Things are much better if you don't need even bass distribution.

Go ahead and email me the room layout (poh=Dr. Hsu, aka Kungfu Panda! ) and let us see what we can do to make the subs less localizable and give you higher output but not more even bass distribution (if I am reading you right, given the choices, I think you would prefer one great seat as opposed to no good seats but mediocre seats all around).
ohh haha i had no idea it was you - sorry about that!
and yes you are definitely reading me right - one amazing seat is all i'm going for here!
thank you so much - i'll get that to you ASAP!

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