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Sub Recommendations for my HT

Hello All!

I am in the beginning stages of planning my HT. I am considering SVS, Hsu, or Axioms. I am here on your forum to receive suggestions solely for a Hsu solution.

Below I have done my best to describe all the necessary information (probably too much!) you may need in order to arrive at a suggestion. My HT will be used primarily for movie content, only using it for music listening around 15% of the time. I truly love the feeling of becoming enveloped in the movie experience…being able to feel as well as hear every detail. While on that topic, I am not trying to assemble to best and baddest system around. Gone are those days, unfortunately!

My HT will be located in my finished basement. The HT room will share open space with a kitchenette and our children’s playroom. The rest of the basement can be closed off by doors (I have omitted those rooms from the drawing). Floors will be carpeted, except for ceramic in the kitchenette. The ceiling will be acoustical ceiling panels, at around 88” in height. I know drop ceilings are not ideal for HT’s, but that’s what will be there.

The HT will consist of a front projector ceiling mounted and an acoustically transparent fixed screen (perhaps maybe a motorized one). The receiver will probably be a Denon 7.1. Any other suggestions on the receiver would be greatly appreciated. The screen will be AT, due to wanted more a of a theater experience, and because I really am lacking space on either side of the 92” 16.9 screen (86” wide with masking). For this reason, the LF and RF speakers will be located behind the screen as well. I could go with using stands/bookcase speakers and squeeze the LF and RF on either side of the screen, but I have three boys (ages 2, 4, 6) who will share the basement. They would certainly topple them right away. Putting them behind the screen protects them, in my opinion!

I am leaning towards only installing a 5.1 setup for my HT, for the below reasons…
  • All the HDTV broadcast material I receive from my cable provider is only in 5.1 anyway.
  • The room does not appear to be that large enough to justify the need for 4 surround sound speakers (unless in your opinion you feel it does)
  • Cost. If 2 surround sound speakers will suffice, I’d much rather devote the extra $’s to a better sub.
My seating will consist of a sectional sofa. My wife does not want theater seating, plus I lack the room for 2 rows. Surrounds can be placed on the rear wall or side walls (gray line is boxed out beam).

The HT main room is around 1750 cu/ft. However, I have been reading that one must consider the entire area for a subwoofer, especially if your HT opens to other rooms. With that being said, this number jumps to around 5200 cu/ft.

The purpose of this request is to not only get suggestions, but also suggest (if possible) locations for the sub. I would prefer to have the sub located directly under the projection screen or in the corner next to the built-in component rack; however there is space on either side of the sectional sofa. I plan on sitting at the end facing the screen.

Some other random thoughts/questions…

My projector screen will be around 27” from the floor. I would like the sub to be there, because I lot of what I’ve read indicates the sub should be located at the front, under the screen. Then again, I’ve read about the method of crawling around on your floor to find the best location as well.

Turbo option is out: not enough available height if sub is located center stage, and my wife would never go for it!

The main draw to the AT screen is to be able to place my center and LF/RF speakers behind the screen. This gives me more room on that wall for a larger screen…..and….protects 3 of my investments from my children. I’m a little worried since their playroom is down in the basement as well. That being said, I would really like to consider devising some way to hide/protect the sub in the same manner. I know that enclosing a sub into a cabinet can cause all types of issues, but I still would like to explore this as an option. I am a woodworker on the side, so can pretty much build anything to accommodate this. I was considering the VTF-3 HO for this. It is side firing, and rear-ported, right? By rotating it 90 degrees and placing it main center stage, this essentially makes the cabinet depth 17” deep. I can make some sort of base cabinet, the width of the screen and depth around 20”, sit the sub in there (on the floor), and use speaker cloth to hide it. Does anything jump out at you stating “Don’t do this!”.

Other than the VTF-3 HO (with or without the possible hidden idea), what would work for my size room? Is the VTF-3 HO sub overkill? Do I need a sub this large due to the open space? I want to enjoy the sound/feel from the sub, but I plan to do nothing for soundproofing to the upper level. Again, this is not a dedicated HT. Yes, I know….it will be heard upstairs, but I plan on watching moves to their full level on a set schedule (ok’d by wife). However, I cannot afford to break the china in the dining room (located directly above the HT)!

The idea of a sub mated with the MBM-12 module really intrigues me as well, so PLEASE try to sell me on that as well. I would also consider dual subs, however they would need to be at the $450-$550 amount to justify this.

Well, I’ve ranted enough. If I have left out anything that would help you arrive at a few possible suggestions for my HT, please let me know.

As far as what speakers I plan on using for the rest of the HT….I’m still uncertain. I am contemplating the SVS SCS-01M left/center/right and the Axiom QS4 or QS8 for the rears. I see that you make speakers as well…and would really like to take advantage of the package savings….but I’m not entirely sold on direct-firing rears. Also, in order to maximize space behind the AT screens, I need speakers that at not rear-ported: they will be mounted directly to the wall.

Thanks so much of any help you provide!!!

I have attached a layout of the basement, and current pics of the HT room if they help to visualize the space.

Jason Falejczyk
Frankfort, IL

Basement Layout

View of Front of Home Theater Area

View of Rear of Home Theater Area

Area for Screen and Built-in Component Rack

View to rest of basement

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