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Should I add a 2nd VTF3 MKII or an MBM-12?

I'm thinking of adding a 2nd sub to my set-up but I'm unsure of which to go with. I currently have a VTF3 MKII that I'm running with a Turbo Charger. I don't have the cash to pursue both options so it'll be one or the other. My system is used primarily for music and movies (about 70/30). I'm looking at the best possible option and would like some feedback from members who've tried one or both options (ie., adding a 2nd of the same subwoofer or a mid bass module). Pros and Cons of either option would also be welcomed.

My room is acoustically treated (bass traps in all 4 corners and acoustic panels at all reflection points). My room is approx. 15x20 with 9 foot ceiling (approx 2700 cubic feet). My system consists of JBL S310II (floorstanding mains rated down to 35 Hz), JBL S-Center II, and JBL S36II surrounds, Arcam AVR300 receiver, Shanling T-80 tube CD player etc.

So far I'm thinking that the MBM-12 will make things more complicated. I've already read a lot of information supporting the use of the MBM-12 - light driver and outrageous spl @ 50-80 hz, lower intermodulation distortion, and less chance for cancellation due to having two different subs handling the same frequencies while in two different locations.

There are still those who feel the MBM-12 is not need. For starters, it introduces a 2nd crossover into the equation thus making it more difficult to integrate. Also, the MBM-12 reproduces the same frequencies that another of the same subwoofer already would (albeit more effectively) but does not go quite as low as adding another of the VTF3 MKII w/Turbo.
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