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Whats that annoying Rattle in my VTF3-MK2?

I have had my sub for almost 5 years and use it everyday for an AVERAGE of 1.5 to 2hrs EVERYDAY. (Me and the wife LOVE watching movies) and this sub has greatly increased our enjoyment for our moving watching experience.

I always keep it at the 9 or slightly below the 9'oclock position. For the first 4 yearss I have had it in MAX Ext, then this past year switched it to MAX Output (both ports open). I found I liked the MAX Output a bit better on this sub for my room.

My sub is near field and I noticed in the past two weeks, it started this annoying rattle on some bass (not all) bass scenes in movies. It seems more apparent on scenes where most of the movie is quiet and all other speakers are quiet and there is some bass effect. The wife and I both noticed it was coming from the sub so about week ago I tapped firmly on top of the sub box with my hand and the rattling stopped for 3-4 days. Today we watched Express (football movie on BR) and it started rattling again. I rewond the movie and put my weight on top of the sub and we both noticed it stopped but then started again when I took my wieght off the sub. There nothing sitting on top of the sub to cause the rattling. I also check the subwoofer itself by giving it a slight push and it still seemed new and real tight.

Anyone know whats causing this or have any suggestions?
Is this just normal wear and tear with the box since I have used it so much in the past 5 years and or is it time to upgrade?
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