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It sounds great, Kevin… thanks! Ya know, I did yet another ARC test, this time with my large glass coffee table rolled out of the way, away from any speakers (those nasty reflections, ya know). And you know what? Yes, of course it’s better, but only a little better. Same with removing the plugs from the CCB-8s; better, but just a bit. Comparing all the ARC frequency response graphs, you can even see, visually, that differences are really quite small (and I’d be happy to share them with you, by the way). So yes, I’m quite content knowing I’ve dialed in all 5 Hsu speakers + sub to sound their best in my smallish living room. And it does sound better; the bass is smoother and better balanced. At the same time, all these adjustments are really just little tweaks. The basic sound of my well-placed CCB-8s was quite impressive to begin with, and is a little bit better now. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of tweaking one’s system to maximize its performance, but it’s just as easy to forget that many of these tweaks are really nothing more than that… tweaks! Anyway, thanks again for your insightful suggestions.
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