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New House, New Sub

I've been very happy with my VTF-2 MK3 for the last few years. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you look at it) my sub was damaged by movers in our cross country trip. So not only do I have a new house, but I have insurance footing the bill for a new sub. I've pre-ordered/ordered a VTF-3 MK5 and excited for it to ship but am working to prepare my room for optimal placement.

The room itself is probably terrible in terms of it being extremely open, with a stairway and loft to the left and an open kitchen area directly behind my normal seating area. The existing sub is to the right of the couch, but next to a window. The other place my wife and I are discussing putting the new sub would be directly to the left of the entertainment center against the wall.

Outside of sub placement, a thought comes up in regards to my speaker placement. I am running this in conjunction with 5 channel HSU MK2 speakers and an Onkyo TX-NR708. The center and FL/FR speakers are directly above my TV in the entertainment center on a shelf, approximately 2-3ft above ear level when I sit on the couch with the center speaker angled toward me and the L/R speakers facing straight ahead. The RL/RR speakers are wall mounted and pointed toward the listening area but are somewhat static. I suppose my question with the speakers is only concerning the FL/FR and if they should be lowered to around ear level, but placed behind the TV, rather than above it.

I've attached a quick sketch showing the current layout, so any thoughts are appreciated. Looking forward to the MK5!
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