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Subwoofer in a cabinet

I know this is very unideal...but, the Mrs. is absolutely adament that the subwoofer is not going to be out in the living room next to a couch or behind a couch. We're building a new home, and what makes it kind of worse is the furniture will be out in the middle somewhat (so no wall to place it along, or if it goes behind the'll stick out like a sore thumb). I know its a terrible room for acoustic reasons..but we have no HT room, and we're not audiophiles its what i'll have to make do with until we build another house with a dedicated HT room.

My question is (and I saw someone considering this in a previous reply a few messages up), can I still get decent sound placing my STF-2 inside a cabinet in our entertainment center built-ins? I guess i'll need to place a little carpet in there for it to sit on...but do I have to worry about overheating with such little space in there (and no air flow). Also, what do you recommend the interior dimensions of the space I can tell our cabinet guy? I'm assuming the front cabinet door can be solid wood, and doesn't have to be a mesh or just open? Any other recommendations (divorce is not an option, sorry!)? Thank you very much.

BTW, it will look something a little similar to this
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