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I have had a VTF-3R (now with the new 350W amp) for six months now and I keep moving it around! Throw all theory out the window. I know it's heavy, but as I moved it around and took SPL readings at different sub frequencies, I discovered a location that was relatively flat across the seating area from 20-60 Hz. no peaks or troughs. It is to the left side of the RPTV and 4 feet away from the corner. I also moved my sofa a little closer to the monitor to take advantage of the bass from the sub and from my Dynaudios in this position. This is about the sixth location! My conclusion is this: Use an SPL meter, compensate for the sound meter's sensitivities to bass, check multiple locations at multiple bass frequencies and then listen to music and movies. You might find the best spot is where you least expect it! Good luck.

P.S. A white paper from Harmon-Kardon even suggests the two subs, placed at the middle of opposing walls gave the smoothest response across all bass frequencies in a typical room. Their conclusion was that no advance computer simulations or theoretical pondering gave them the response they found. It was alot of trial and error.

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