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Does my room shape lend itself to a singel or duals?

Hi all,

First time poster looking for advice on how much I should take room acoustics into account when deciding between a single HSU VTF-3 HP or dual VTF-2 MK5's (but will likely start off with one).

I know the room is a major factor, but am curious as to whether my room is a "good" or "bad" factor, meaning would getting 2 to start with save me time and hassle because my room is so "wonky", or do all the slants, nooks/cranny's, etc. in my room mitigate standing waves and lend itself better to a single to where I likely wouldn't need duals to have reasonably solid bass coverage.

Room Details
  • Combination man room, office and home theater - carpeted with drywall
  • Location: bonus room over 2-car garage (single-family home)
  • Dimensions: roughly 22 ft (the wall w/TV on it) x 14.5ft (the wall w/window) x 8 ft ceiling with 5 ft knee walls. Please refer to the attached pictures showing 2D and 3D versions of my current setup (note that the room measurements are accurate, but the rest is 'close enough')
  • Seems to calculate to roughly 2,500-2,600 ft3
  • Assume easily 90% movies
Current Equipment
  • Onkyo TX-NR686
  • L&R: ,DefTech BP10
  • Center: DefTech CLR1000
  • Rear surrounds: DefTech ProMonitor1000
  • I have probably read every thread on the single vs. dual theory, and I like the idea of duals to mitigate any peaks/nulls, but would like to start with a single sub to make sure I don't fall down the rabbit hole too quickly and buy more than I truly need.
  • The shape of my room is so odd, I am wondering if it would actually less, or more, likely to produce standing waves, again, meaning should I go straight for duals because my room either doesn't have a good spot for a single, or because the room acoustics essentially dictate the need for duals
  • Stipulating that I will work on experimenting and tweaking placement, does my room "lean" toward needing duals, or is it reasonable to assume that the dimensions, slants, etc. increase the potential for one sub to work?
  • If duals are highly likely:
    • I plan on starting with the VTF-2 as I like them up front and would be more than adequate in my room
  • If a single works:
    • I will go with a VTF-3 as I think two VTF-3s would be overkill (for my wife, since she already tells me to turn down some movies with just my BP10's). I suppose I *could* add another VTF-3 later, but would really prefer to make the right call now and then just enjoy my system.
Thanks so much, in advance. I know these questions get asked a lot (I've read all the threads) but hopefully this question has not been asked in quite this way before. I appreciate the hive knowledge here and look forward to the ensuing discussion.

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