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My VTF-3 Mk5 arrived today! While the box was not 'violated', it does look like it got smacked around pretty good.

Anyway, I've got it in the front left corner pointed at the MLP and I am getting ready to start setting it up, but I had a couple of questions:

First, though, I'm using the Onkyo AccuEQ on my TX-NR686 (no standalone SPL meter or UMIK...yet) and setting the crossover at 80Hz

1. I read somewhere that in a room like mine, that can fully closed off, I am better off started with a lower Q, like.5 or even .3 to prevent my AVR from dialing it back too far. Is there any logic to this, or should I stick with the instructions it came with?

2. Since the only way to know what is "best" (for me) is to try all potential combinations of the different settings, is there a recommended order to progress through the various Q, phase, EQ and volume options, other than just changing one thing at a time to restrain changes to one variable? Are there some that I shouldn't even mess with?

I'm sure I'll have more questions, but for now, I'm just excited to hear it! I've never had a sub before (my DefTech BP-10's are as close as I've had).
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