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Can you have both LFE and High Level inputs at the same time?

My system is used for both HT and Stereo music listening. Subs include a VTF-2 mk5 and as STF-2. For stereo, the R/L and subs are powered by a PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC/S300 amp combo, with the subs power coming off the high level outputs of the S300 and daisy chained together. That works fine for listening to stereo inputs such a phonograph, digital out from BR player for CDs, or USB directly from my iMac. For 7.2.4 HT, my Denon 4300 AVR handles all of the 8 surround and the center channel, with the PS Audio, via preouts from the Denon, handling the front L/R and subs with the subs connected as described above. With the subs connected like this I obviously lose LFE input and Audyssey control of the subs. Would it be possible to hook the subs up via the sub-outs from the Denon to the LFE input at the same time as the high level inputs are also connected, but have the subs only respond to the LFE input when the inputs are routed thru the Denon, such as for BR movies, and any other AV signal being handled by the Denon? I'm happy with the current setup, but it would sure be nice to get LFE/Audyssey control of the subs back for HT viewing.
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