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Repair or replace STF-2

My Stf-2 has the green power light on but no longer responds when running tone ect. It's heartbreaking bcause I loved the Stf-2 and was thrilled when I first got it.

I can get a replacement amp for $180. With respect to longevity, is it practical to repair given the age of the sub woofer speaker? Doesn't the speaker material degrade over time?
Otherwise I might be satisfied with saving the Stf-2.

My system has a Yamaha Rx-A780 receiver with Northridge E60 Series tower, center, front, back speakers and Jamo overhead speakers in front. .. minus the Stf-2. : (
I'm mainly interested in movies and enjoy shaking the walls of my 18' x 18' w 10' high ceilings open concept room. Quality un-distorted accurate THX quality reproduction of music tracks is important too.

Any suggestions, including comparable replacement sub woofer appreciated.
Also, I would hate to dispose of the Stf-2. Is there a market or place to refurbish or re-use these components?

Thanks in advance,

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