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Hey there!

The speakers are fairly flexible when it comes to placement, but a good rule of thumb is to try to keep the speakers the same distance apart as they are from you. Basically you and the two speaker will form an equilateral triangle. Toeing in the speakers can do more in terms of helping to provide better imaging so we usually recommend toeing in the speakers so that they cross a foot or so in front of your listening position. Whenever you move any speaker closer to a boundary, such as a wall, you tend to get a bit more reinforcement with the speaker. Depending on the wall structure, it may boost certain frequencies more than others. Boundaries tend to boost more of the low end of the speakers due to the frequencies omnidirectional properties, versus high frequencies that are much more directional. With that in mind, if you have 2" of space between the speaker and the wall, that should be fine and that should allow enough room for the air to escape the ports. To clarify, the L/R CCB-8's are going to be only a few inches away from the center channel? That's pretty close. Generally I would recommend keeping them a bit farther apart for a wider soundstage. In terms of height, there is a bit of freedom there, since they are point source with a constant directivity horn, they less sensitive when it comes to the height deviating from ear level. Even 15 degrees off axis should still give you a musical/smooth and even response.
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