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Looks like your Polks have extension down to 32Hz just like my Monitor Audio Silver S10 speakers. I've run my S10 at 60Hz for a long time and felt the middle was a bit thin. Then I started running them at 80Hz and the middle improved. I find that the sub integrats better at 60Hz and is less localized and at 80Hz I can tell where it's at more especially with music. I find that for me a flat calibration is weak and I run my sub 4dB hot and that adds the extra ooomph in the middle. Really since your speakers extend to 32Hz you can try both and see which sounds best to you. I know the dilema here you go and buy speakers with nice extension and you don't want to set the crossover at 80Hz and waste all that extra extension. Try running at 60Hz with the sub 3 or 4dB hot and see if that adds the extra punch in the middle you're looking for. It works for me.

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