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I know this thread is a few months old but I wanted to share my solution. My solution was to purchase a universal TV stand and to place that on a flat, short, tv stand. This allowed me to fit a CCB-8 under my 75” TV.

I purchased a generic TV stand from Amazon called “FITUEYES Universal TV Stand.” I placed the tv at the highest position possible on that and placed the base of the FITUEYES on an IKEA Besta. The CCB-8 fit even with an angled foam isolation pad underneath with millimeters to spare.

The downsides are my tv is a little higher than I would like and the rear of the speaker is near to the wall and the metal plate that connects to the tv stand. I battle the speaker distance with sound absorbing panels behind it and play with plugging up the ports. For the tv height I prefer to sit eye level to the middle of the tv. This solution placed me at more of the bottom quarter of the tv.

I already had the IKEA stand so I was looking for a solution without much extra cost. My other constraint was that I live in an apartment and do not want to drill into the walls.
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