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Originally Posted by A_Shah View Post
two questions,
1. If I use XLR do I need to use both the righ and the left channel inputs or one would do as my Parasound Halo Integrated only has one XLR output for Subwoofer

2. I have separated my HT from 2 channel listening , the question is if I connect the VTF -15 with" one" receiver via XLR and the "other "pre amplifier with with RCA inputs , but only listen to one or the other , not both at the same time in other words I turn one system off and use the other would that work ?
1. Nope! If your integrated amp has a balanced XLR for subwoofer, just use a single XLR cable to run to either the left or right XLR input. Doesn't matter which one.

2. Let me verify with Dr. Hsu tomorrow. However, if I remember correctly, some sub outs still introduce a high impedance so that as soon as you connect that RCA to the sub, your level will drop dramatically. So it may not work in that case.
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