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Question Placement and size of sub

Hi Everyone,

My first post finally there is a reason for one LOL in regards to position of the sub and the size needed to fill out my requirements (both spatial and audible).

Current system:

Display - Pioneer Elite PRO-1150HD
AVR - Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH
Cable - Motorola DVR DCT6412
DVD - Sony DVP-NS715P
Music – Laptop via Elite Home Media Network, CD’s and Ipod
Still to get: Subwoofer
BlueRay – Pioneer Elite and/or PS3

Front L & R: DM620 (bi-amped)
2 way ; 1x26mm metal tweeter; 2x200mm(8”) bass/mid range driver
Frequency: 58Hz-20kHz +/- 2dB
Sensitivity: 96dB spl (2.83V 1m)
Nominal Impendence: 4 ohms
Power: 25W-100W into 8 ohms

Centre: DM600IFS
2 way ; 1x26mm; 2x120mm(~5”) bass & mid range driver
Frequency: 75Hz-23kHz +/- 3dB
Sensitivity: 88dB spl (2.83V 1m)
Nominal Impendence: 8 ohms
Power: 25W-120W into 8 ohms

Side Surrounds: Solid Solutions – Rock Solids S100
2 way vented bass enclosure
Frequency: 75Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB
Sensitivity: 90dB spl (2.83V 1m)
Nominal Impendence: 8 ohms
Power: 25W-150W into 8 ohms

MY HT System

Room dimensions – since I live in a condo I am faced with crude realities and limitations to what I can and want to get out of my system. 3300 cubic feet room with 25’9”/16’/8’ (W/L/D).

Diagram of the speaker positioning is below so actual Width covering the set up is at 17’ thus only ~2200 cubic feet. Open floor plan (pic below) and windows all on one side which can’t be changed.

Primary use of my system is oriented for 65% HT and 35% Audio.

Listening habits - although I like my sound to be fairly loud I prefer sound clarity and fairly nice acoustics over excessive volumes (mainly due to limitation of my apartment living space). I don’t have excessive bass requirements and desires thus realistically I will not be listening at really high (reference) volumes daily.

Budget – for my primary upgrades I am looking to add an appropriate subwoofer to complement my old B&W setup that would fit my current setup and limitations while keeping it under $600 or preferably less.

Appearance requirements – being that I don’t have a dedicated home theater I would prefer a fairly nice cabinet to fit well in the family room and match my black B&W setup up front or even better as a coffee table next to my chair and sofa.

Timeframe – preferably soon rather then later! LOL I could wait a month of needed.

BIG Q’s:

I have read hear a lot of good things about HSU (as well Outlaw/SVS/Ed/Epic/AV123) although never witnessed it myself so I am wondering if any of you could chime in with your opinions and/or suggestions? I already have some specific models in mind from what I read in the previews, but would like to have an impartial opinion just considering my criteria and the space limitations I am working with. As you can see above the Sub would be used for both HT and Music in relatively limited apartment location and volumes. I don't want bass that is
overwhelming -- i want bass that is well-controlled, believable and accurate integrating with my speakers and with the limitations of my environment. Considering these factors would a ported or closed design be optimal as well down or side ported depending of the location?

Thanks for taking the time to help out.
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