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Originally Posted by thsmith View Post
You don't say where you have tried the 3 3 up front and what xo you have set on the 3 3 and AVR, also are you using MO or ME on the 3 3.

I would try front left corner where the ceiling is at it's lowest point, 3 3 xo out and AVR xo set to 80hz.

I also have an acoustically challenged room, no external eq or room treatments. It took 2 mbms upfront with mains and 3 3 behind couch to achieve best freq response and sound.

I just use the HSU CD, RS SPL and Excel to take measurements.

Good luck.
Thanks for the reply. I have it running in max extension, c/o at 80hz. Regardless of location it seems pretty flat from 15-21 hz or so. I did try both corners on the front of the room. Unfortunately the front corner where the ceiling is at it's lowest is the absolute worst spot. That is the one with the absolutely huge peak running from about 20-40hz, and then the monster null at 50-60. The other corner isn't as bad for the peak, but there is still that huge null. What's weird is I have tried moving the couch backwards and forwards a couple of feet and I can't seem to escape that darned null.
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