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More questions if you may.

Here is my updated thought process.

I'm looking to get the VTF-15H and see how that goes. When I really crank it up, I'll be the only one listening so even sound over entire couch (while nice) isn't critical right off the bat. Depending on how much I love this sub, I may end up getting another in a few months/year. I'm leaning towards this as I love the versitility of pseudo sealed (for rock/punk music) and ported for HT. Also love what I read about this sub being somewhat newb proof and "indestrutible".

So before I place an order...I see you have the HB-1s and HC-1 on sale now.

Center channel would be easy. Put it on the entertainment center and adjust the angle to the listener accordingly.

The left/right seems harder as the fireplace on the left and the block on the right (covers water pipes) protrudes out. Right now I have those Polk's dropped from the ceiling (they are about 12" off the back wall on the left and 4" off the back wall on the right). Not a big deal as they are sealed.

The HB-1's are rear ported and I see you recommend so pretty far off the wall lengths. If the tweeter is 40" off the ground, then the HB-1 needs to be 21" off the wall in the back and 27" off the side wall.

You recommend using the Pinpoint AM-40's. Here is the side layout of them.

I don't see how I'll get anywhere near 21" off that back wall using these mounts. Looks more like I'll only get about 4" off. I'm also not sure I can get them low enough to the ground because of the fireplace as well and I see you suggested turning them up-side-down to get the tweeter horn closer to the ear than the woofer.

So, I guess the question I'm asking is, how do you recommend setting up HB-1's in the front?

Thanks again for taking the time to help out. The customer service is GREATLY appreciated from this newb.
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