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Can the HIW-1 be used for Center channel?

I didn't see too much coverage about the HIW-1 model. Though I prefer the standalone version of the LRC channels, I have limited space and want to create a minimalist look and feel to my setup.

Will the HIW-1 work as a center channel? I prefer to have an in-wall center channel. Can someone provide me some options?

I didn't see any reference to an in-wall CENTER channel speaker on the HSU website.

Though I am in Canada, and have looked at the typical offerings for speakers from big box stores (ie, bestbuy, futureshop etc) here - I feel we are getting ripped off here in Canada with respect to pricing - so this is why I started to look at HSU since I can buy direct and from what I have seen/read HSUR offers a very good product compared to say PSB, Paradigm, Energy, Cerwin Vega, JBL etc..

Here is my planned setup:

TV: Panasonic 65" plasma TC-65ST60 series
Receiver: JVC RX-817V (i know it's old, but it's a solid amp)
Speakers: looking at HSU for in wall all around (3.1 to start)
Subwoofer: VTF-2 MK4
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