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Originally Posted by SME View Post
For mid-bass quality and quantity, the MBM-12 will likely perform much better than your VTF-2. If you are satisfied with the deep bass, then I suggest you get an MBM to go with the VTF-2. Or if you want the ULS-15 that bad, buy a ULS-15 *and* an MBM and retire the VTF-2.

Good placement of the MBM is important for best results. I can't tell from your picture where your VTF-2 is currently located. You may run into some issues getting a smooth crossover between a true sub and MBM (around 50 Hz) if they are located at different distances from the listening area. A digital delay device can be used to time align them, but this requires a fair bit of effort (and ideally, a measurement system) to get right. That said, you can probably get decent results by trying out both phase switch settings on the true sub. In this case, it's usually best to set the sub distance in your AVR to the distance for the MBM.
Thanks for the advice. It sounds like the MBM may be worth trying. Would it be simpler to get a second VTF-2? For the room size I feel that it could be limiting to continue throwing money at the VTF-2 line, although my primary interest is in music rather than movies and in improving my upper bass response more than deep visceral bass.

I'm also thinking about the setup difficulties you touched on. I don't know if my receiver (Marantz 6006) has the ability to do different low pass filters for the different subs or how I would go about tuning the system in general using an MBM. Maybe a job for a pro who knows what they are doing.
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