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Originally Posted by Awoken4Life View Post
My situation would best be solved by a wireless subwoofer but I'm wondering what the specs are for the wireless subwoofer kit included in the ULS15. Using this unit am I going to experience any noticeable delay in the signal? What is the frequency this works at? Am I going to lose any of the sub 20hz freqs for home theater application? I have seen where people have complained that in music there is a delay that throws the song off (they were not complaining about your unit, but another one). Will that be an issue? Does the receiver auto setup hear the time lag and apply a delay to make up for it? How reliable is the signal transfer?
I am borrowing a ULS-15 from a friend at the moment because his young son broke the antenna and he cannot use the wireless capability. But my friend indicated that using the wireless capability yields a -3dB difference in actual volume with the volume knob in the same position. He did say that was easily remedied by turning the sub up louder to compensate and that the sub still works very well. Other than this, my friend said this sub exceeded all expectations and exhibited no issues with regard to delay or loss of signal frequency.

This sub is a beast and I can't wait to buy two for the future theater build out in our basement.
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