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Behind the listening position?

Hello, I'm about to set up a brand new Hsu VTF-3 in a friend's home theater. His couch will sit approximately 20'-25' from his 61" TV. If memory serves, when I set up my own VTF-2 severl years ago, Hsu Research recommends setting up the sub in the corner behind the listening position. We can do this, but it would require running a subwoofer interconnect through the crawl space beneath the house. The interconnect would have to be somewhere between 30'-50' long, and the subwoofer would be fully 25'-30' from the TV.

Would you still recommend this placement even when we're dealing with distances this long? If so, do you know where I can find a quality interconnect that's 50' long?

Relevant info: We plan to hook up the sub via low-level input. We'll test the subwoofer in multiple locations with an SPL meter and test CD, and if room modes are a problem, we'll incorporate a digital parametric equalizer. I just don't want to bother with testing the behind the couch solution if those distances are going to be a problem for RF interference or time delay problems or something else I haven't thought of.

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